St. Michael and Saint Isidore Parishes


Ash Wednesday

7:00 am (Ridge) - Ashes & Communion Only - No Mass

9:00 am (Bend) - Mass

Noon (Marysdale) - Mass

6:30 pm (Ridge) - Mass

Penance Services

St. Isidore - Wednesday, February 24th at 6:45 pm at Marysdale

St. Mike's - Wednesday, March 3rd at 6:30. pm


Stations of the Cross

St. Isidore Thursday’s, at 6:30 pm at Marysdale

                     February 25th through March 24th

St. Mike's - Wednesdays, at 6:00 pm

                     February 24th through March 24th


Parish Mission

"Christ in the Chaos" with Fr. Adrian Burke, OSB

Sunday, February 28th – Tuesday, March 2nd – 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Hosted in Zoom, see bulletin for more details


Holy Week

Monday, March 29th - 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm (Ridge) – Confessions Only

Tuesday, March 30th – Bend - 6:30 pm – Confessions Only/7:00 pm Mass

Wednesday, March 31st - 7:00 pm (Marysdale) – Tenebrae Service


Holy Thursday, April 1st

6:00 pm (Ridge)

8:00 pm (Marysdale)

Adoration at both churches until 10 pm

No Agape Service


Good Friday, April 2nd

1:30 pm (Ridge)

1:30 pm (Marysdale)

Living Stations 7:00 pm (Ridge)


Holy Saturday, April 3rd

8:00 pm (Bend)

8:00 am (Ridge)


Easter Sunday, April 4th

8:30 am (Ridge)

10:00 am (Marysdale)



All services will be live streamed to the St. Michael’s Ridge Catholic Church Facebook page.