Located about six miles northeast of Defiance Ohio and situated in the midst of acres of farmland is our small country church. The steeple reaches up to the sky and symbol­izes how earth and heav­en meet here on St. Michael's Ridge. The humble founders of our church celebrated Holy Mass in their homes. Today, approximately 875 parishioners gather as one family to celebrate Mass every week. St. Michael's offers all its parishioners a variety of opportunities to partic­ipate in a Christian life. Children are always wel­come during our Masses, and beginning at age 4, are also offered education by volunteer teachers.

Since 1903 the parish has conducted the famous St. Michael's Annual Church Festival. This celebration has games, food, and fun for our parish family and the general public. Its delicious family-style chicken and ham dinner has been enjoyed by thousands of visitors each year! We invite you to visit and hope you will see the opportunity to serve and know God.