NOTE: Cemetery Clean-Up

The Cemetery is cleaned up both Spring and Fall – Normally March and November.  Please remove any items you wish to save before the announced dates.

The complete database has been migrated to Google Sheets. You can open the spreadsheet directly or see the embedded spreadsheet on the Full Cemetary Database page.


Each section can be found as tabs in the main database spreadsheet.
You can also view the PDFs for each section in the folder on this page.

 The following Sections are listed.

Lots 1 to 55 and 1A to 25Y in the Back Row South. 

Lots 56 to 110 and 1 to 25 in the Back Row North.

Lots 111 to 157 and A through H.

Lots 168 to 221.

New West
Lots 1001 to 1104.

Cemetary PDFs